LPL Series Pumps

General Specifications

The following specifications apply to all LPL Series pumps, unless otherwise noted.

Life Expectancy

The LPL Series pumps will operate for a minimum of 10 million cycles on clean water. Fluids may affect actual life.

Operating Pressure

  • Maximum case pressure is 5 psig
  • Total head range is -30 to +30 inches water
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure will affect dispense volume
  • Inlet/Outlet restrictions may affect pumped volume

Pumped Volume

  • The standard dispensed volume is 50 µL. 25 µL available for combo port style.
  • Special volumes are also available
  • Repeatability of pumped volume is 2%
  • Coefficient of Variation (CV) = +/- 0.3%

Response Time

Maximum operating frequency is 2 Hz. Cycling pump faster will adversely affect dispense
accuracy . Fluid properties (i.e. viscosity) and flow restrictions may reduce maximum
operating speed.


Filtration of 35 microns or finer is recommended.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Lead wires are #28 PTFE insulated wire
  • Leads are white (no coil polarity)

    • LPL2 Only
    • End Cap connector is compatible with AMP part number: 104257-2
    • Lead wire assemblies available.
    • 6" assembly: LSWX0504300A
    • 24" assembly: LSWX0606700A

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient operating temperature is 60 - 150°F (16-66°C)
  • Max. coil temperature is 180°F (85°C)
  • Lower operating temperatures may require special elastomers to ensure proper dispensing.

Port Connections

All ported pumps (non manifold) can be mounted using #2 or 2 mm screws. Adequate length must be allowed for pump housing (0.75") and proper engagement into mounting plate. Mounting screws should be torqued to 10-15 in-oz (0.071 - 0.106 N-m). Manifold mounted pumps require a properly prepared boss. #2 or 2 mm screws should be used for attachment.