LPV Series Pumps

General Specifications

The following specifications apply to all LPV Series pumps, unless otherwise noted.

Cycle Life

The LPV pumps will operate for a minimum of 5 million cycles on clean water. Chemical content of the fluid and other factors such as particulate matter and dissolved salts will affect the life.

Operating Pressure

LPV pumps are self priming. Typically, the pumps will operate as low as -10 psi on the inlet. This lower limit will be affected by the fluid being pumped. Discharge pressures for specific models are listed with the specific part number.

Operating Temperature

Maximum operating temperature is 150°F (66°C).

Operating Speed

  • Refer to the Pump Selection Charts for the maximum operating speed (listed in half steps) for specific models.
  • For maximum acceleration rates, ramp rates and harmonic ranges, contact The Lee Company for individual drawings.
  • Pumps may be operated in full step, half step and micro step mode, depending on the capability of the drive electronics and the application requirements.

Port Connections

  • All pumps use 1/4-28 flat bottom ports (inlet and outlet).
  • Custom port head options are available for OEM applications.


LPV pumps require inlet and outlet valving.

Pump Mounting

LPVA15 and LPVA17 Series surface mount pumps (port head style) require #4 (3 mm)
screws. LPVA10 Series utilize #4 (2.5 mm) screws. The screw length must be sufficient
to allow proper engagement in the mounting surface. Manifold mount pumps require a
properly machined boss. A detailed machining drawing is available for all of the manifold
mounted models (see Pump Selection Charts).

Electrical Characteristics

  • All motors are 2 phase bipolar.
  • Pumps supplied with encoders use 2 channel, quatrature encoders. These are 1 step per pulse (no index pulse supplied).

Drive Electronics

Lee offers a pump driver kit for application development, Part Number LSKX0502150C. This includes the electronics to drive any of the LPV series pumps and the required valving (one 3-way valve or two 2-way valves)*. The unit is based on an AllMotion Inc. stepper drive, which can later be incorporated into production hardware if needed.

* Pump and valves are not included in kit.

A – Stepper Pump Driver
B – Power Supply
C – USB Cable
D – Three Button Switch Box
E – Extension Cable
F – Installation CD
G – Quick Start Guide
H – Home Sensor Adapter Cable