INK Series Solenoid Valves

General Specifications

The following specifications apply to all INK Series valves, unless otherwise noted.

Life Expectancy
The valves will typically operate for a minimum of 250 million cycles on water. Typical life exceeds 500 million on water.

Operating pressure

  • Pressure range: vac-10 psig. Pressure exceeding 10 psi will reduce the valve operating speed.
  • Valve proof pressure: 20 psi
  • Valve burst pressure: 30 psi

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient operating temperature range: 40°F to 120°F (4°C to 49°C)
  • Maximum coil temperature: 150°F (66°C)
  • Increasing operating temperature tends to limit coil performance.
  • Valve duty cycle and energized time must be evaluated for conformance with the maximum recommended operating temperature and coil temperature.

Response Time
INK Series valves require a spike and hold drive circuit to attain rated speeds. Maximum frequency for INK valves is based on the "voltage spike duration" and the use of high speed drive circuits.

Filtration of 35 microns or finer is recommended. Contact The Lee Company for additional technical assistance and application information.

Port connections

  • INK Series valves are designed for use with soft, flexible tubing. The dispensed droplet is affected by the length of tubing used in the system. Tubing stiffness, I.D., O.D. and chemical compatibility must be considered during system design.
  • Lee offers 0.042" I.D., PVC tubing for use with INK Series valves (Part Number TUVA4220900A).

Electrical Characteristics
"Spike voltage" is the voltage required to actuate the valve. Spike voltage can be applied for a limited time (several milliseconds) depending on conditions. Longer on-times require the voltage to be reduced to the "holding voltage". Failure to do so will cause permanent damage to the valve.

High speed drive circuits are necessary to achieve the maximum operating frequency.

A spike and hold driver (Part Number IECX0501350A) is also available.

Electrical Connections

  • PV275 valves are designed for PC board mounting.
  • 600LT valves are provided with .025" sq. pins that are .200" apart (lead wire adapter: Part Number IHWX0248020A). PC board mounting is also available.