LHL Series Solenoid Valves

Miniature Piloting Solenoid ValveLee's LHL Series magnetic latching solenoid valves are designed for applications where space is limited. Featuring small size and light weight without sacrificing performance and reliability, the valves are available in three different styles: plug-in, face mount, and ported.

The LHL Series latching valves are optimized for applications that demand ultra-low power (5.5 mJ per switch) and low heat making the valves ideal for portable, battery powered devices. The valves are also used in medical and scientific instrumentation or control applications such as oxygen delivery systems, gas analysis equipment, patient monitors, air calibration devices, ventilators/respirators, gas chromatography and other flow switching devices. Each valve is 100% functionally tested for switching voltage, flow capacity and leakage. The rugged materials used help ensure consistent long-term performance. The valves will typically operate up to 250 million cycles on air, depending on the seal material and application parameters.

Projected Battery Life for Latching Designs

The flow direction of a latching valve will switch to and remain in the direction indicated when a 10 ms pulse (min) is applied with a specific voltage and polarity. Refer to the valve style pages for additional information. Click here for recommended driver circuit schematic.