VHS Series Solenoid Valves


Electrical Connectors

The VHS Series valves use 0.025" electrical pins on 0.100" centers. Standard electrical connectors that fit these dimensions can be used. Lee also offers pre-made lead assemblies.

8": IHWX0248010A
24": IHWX0248120A

Electrical Pin Bending Tool

The Pin Bending Tool (IHWX0256010A) allows the end user to, as the name suggests, bend the electrical pins on VHS Series valves. The tool is intended for prototype work and limited initial production. The Lee Company can provide special part numbers for OEM applications requiring bent pins.

(Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm])

Safety Screens

Proper system filtration is critical for the operation of any valve. Lee offers "last chance safety screens" which can be placed directly inline with the valve to prevent stray particles from damaging the valve. They are not meant to act as system filters or replace proper filtration. The screens are available in male to male and male to female configurations. Click here for details.


For optimum dispensing, VHS valves should be used with separate nozzles. Lee offers a full line of threaded 062 MINSTAC nozzles, straight ported nozzles and atomizing nozzles. Click here for details.

Starter Kits

Lee offers a VHS Starter Kit for micro dispensing (Part Number IKTX0322000A). This kit provides all of the specialized hardware to set up and run a small dispensing system. The user needs to provide a pressurized fluid source, control signal and power supply. The kit includes:

  • High speed dispensing valve (Part Number INKX0514300A)
  • Spike / hold electrical driver (Part Number IECX0501350A)
  • 3 precision dispensing nozzles
  • Atomizing nozzle (Part Number INZX0550050A)
  • MINSTAC tubing assembly and components
  • Safety screen
  • Lead wire assembly (Part Number IHWX0248010A)
  • Instructional CD