Lee Flow RestrictorsThe Lee Company offers two types of pressure snubbing devices, and a mechanical device that records peak pressure.

Lee Micro Damp®
Lee Micro DampThe Lee Micro Damp is a miniature, fixed restrictor designed specifically to provide pressure surge protection for hydraulic pressure transmitters, pressure switches and gauges, improving the accuracy, reliability and life of these devices. The Micro Damp operates at system pressures up to 5,000 psi, and is so small it can be incorporated directly into the sensing port of a transducer. Learn More ...

Lee Hydamp®
Lee HyDampThe Lee Hydamp is an adjustable, multi-function pressure-snubbing device that can be varied between minimum and maximum pressure. It allows the user to read maximum, minimum, or average pressures from an ordinary gauge without the need for transducers. Lee Hydamps are available in Brass or CRES bodies with maximum pressures of 6,000 psi and 8,000 psi respectively.

Lee Kipster® Peak Pressure Recorder

Lee HyDampThe Lee Kipster is a mechanical device that permanently records peak pressure in a hydraulic system. The Kipster contains a pressure sensitive disc that permanently deforms as a function of peak pressure. Whereas this device does not replace sophisticated transducers, it offers a simple means of measuring peak pressure in a simple miniature package. Due to its compact size, the Kipster is capable of being installed in areas inaccessible to electronic transducers.

There are three models of Kipsters that span the pressure range from 4,000 psi to 30,000 psi with an accuracy of up to ± 3%. The rate of pressurization has been shown to have little effect on the Kipster’s accuracy of up to 50,000 psi /sec. Above this rate, some drift may occur. If the pressure rise rate is repeatable, the drift has been shown to be consistent within a given part number up to 2,000,000 psi / sec.