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General Specifications

The following specifications apply to all IEP Series solenoid valves, unless otherwise noted.

Dry Weight: 4.7 g

Internal Volume: 62 µL

Electrical Characteristics

The IEP valves will actuate at the rated voltage at low pressures (below 60 psi). Higher pressure applications may need a spike and hold driver. Spike and hold drive circuit modules are available for use with IEP valves (Part Numbers: IECX0501350A, IECX0501500A).

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Resistance (ohms) 10.6 37
Inductance: energized (mH) 22.2 5
Inductance: de-energized (mH) 16.5 4.2

Operating Pressure

  • Valves are designed to operate within the normal ranges listed here.
    • Proof Pressure: ........... 2x normal operating pressure
      Burst Pressure: ........... 3x normal operating pressure

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient operating temperature range is listed in the Valve Selection Chart.
  • Maximum coil temperature not to exceed:
    • 250°F (121°C) for standard model
    • 400°F (204°C) for high temperature model
  • Higher temperatures limit coil performance. Coil temperature must take into account ambient conditions and self heating of the valve.

Response Time

Typical response time at 10 psig (air): 0.5 ms


System filtration of 10 microns is recommended. Improper filtration can result in damage to the valve (leakage) due to contamination of the sealing surface.