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Solenoid Valve Helps Ventilator Designers in Battle Against COVID-19

The latest genvi LGV three-port miniature solenoid valve from The Lee Company is proving ideal for use in ventilators, as manufacturers rush to meet the current upsurge in demand due to coronavirus. With high flow capability, our genvi valve translates into improved efficiencies, which in turn means increased oxygen delivery or faster venting, for example. We also want to let customers know that our business is staying open during the current pandemic crisis so that we can continue offering vital engineering support to those in the medical and healthcare sector.

As the battle against COVID-19 continues, numerous manufacturers are turning their hand to ventilator production, marking a departure from core business. From experience, we know that engineers tasked with designing ventilators and other respiratory therapy equipment typically have to meet highly demanding limitations in terms of space and weight, without sacrificing central characteristics like build quality and system-level performance. These limitations also apply to solenoid valves, which are deployed in modern mechanical ventilators to control the flow of oxygen.

For this reason, we’ve designed our miniature genvi valves to provide high flow, low power consumption and low leakage across a 25 million cycle lifetime (minimum), making them ideal for applications such as oxygen delivery and respiration therapy.

To hone in on the specifics, we’ve made the genvi LGV series available in a 10 mm package. And yet, despite its compact size, our latest solenoid valve can deliver flow capability of up to 40 l/min at 1 bar, while power demand is as low as 318 mW, even on continuous duty, which reduces system-level heating.

Although we’ve worked hard to create a miniature solenoid valve that delivers unmatched reliability, our team has also ensured it is available at an attractive price point, making it highly appealing to ventilator manufacturers everywhere.

As a further point of note, anyone using our genvi LGV will gain from an extremely tight leakage rating (25 μl/min maximum) that reduces compressor demand and underscores the valve’s ability to deliver consistent, long-term operations across an extended working life.

For specific projects, individual performance characteristics can be further optimised in line with customer requirements.

To discover more about our genvi LGV series miniature solenoid valve and how it can benefit your ventilator or respiratory apparatus project, please contact us.