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Solenoid Valves

LHD Series 2 & 3 Way Control Solenoid Valves

Overview: 2-Way & 3-Way, 7mm Miniature Conventional Solenoid Valves.

Description: LHD Series valves are compact, 7 mm conventional control solenoid valves intended for applications flowing air or gas. Available as a 2-port or 3-port design in various mounting styles,they are easily manifold mounted or soft tube connected, making them the perfect solution for applications where a large number of valves must be designed into the smallest space possible. A wide range of models are available within this series, with flow rates ranging up to 18 SLPM at 15 psig, and power as low as 310 mW.

  • Small Size (7 mm) & Lightweight (as low as 2.5g)
  • Low Power: as low as 310 mW (at hold voltage)
  • Low Leakage: <50 µLPM across life (air)
  • Extremely Long Cycle Life
  • Low Internal Volume
Part Numbers:
LHDA0511111H, LHDA0511211H, LHDA0511311H, LHDA0511411H, LHDA0521111H, LHDA0521211H, LHDA0521311H, LHDA0521411H, LHDA0523112H, LHDA0523212H, LHDA0523312H, LHDA0523412H, LHDA0531115H, LHDA0531215H, LHDA0531315H, LHDA0531415H, LHDA0533115H, LHDA0533215H, LHDA0533315H, LHDA0533415H, LHDA0560245D, LHDA0560365D, LHDA0570290D, LHDA1211111H, LHDA1211211H, LHDA1211311H, LHDA1211411H, LHDA1221111H, LHDA1221211H, LHDA1221311H, LHDA1221411H, LHDA1223111H, LHDA1223211H, LHDA1223311H, LHDA1223411H, LHDA1231115H, LHDA1231215H, LHDA1231315H, LHDA1231415H, LHDA1233115H, LHDA1233215H, LHDA1233315H, LHDA1233415H, LHDA1260245D, LHDA1260365D, LHDA1270290D, LHDA2411111H, LHDA2411211H, LHDA2411311H, LHDA2411411H, LHDA2421111H, LHDA2421211H, LHDA2421311H, LHDA2421411H, LHDA2423111H, LHDA2423211H, LHDA2423311H, LHDA2423411H, LHDA2431115H, LHDA2431215H, LHDA2431315H, LHDA2431415H, LHDA2433115H, LHDA2433215H, LHDA2433315H, LHDA2433415H, LHDB0313155D, LHDB0313255D, LHDB0323180D, LHDB0323280D, LHDB0333180D, LHDB0333280D, LHDB0342115H, LHDB0352115H, LHDB0442145D, LHDB0442245D, LHDB0542115H, LHDB0552115H, LHDB0613155D, LHDB0613255D, LHDB0623180D, LHDB0623280D, LHDB0633180D, LHDB0633280D, LHDB0942145D, LHDB0942245D, LHDB1242115H, LHDB1252115H
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