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Solenoid Valves

LHL Series 2 & 3 Way Control Solenoid Valves

Overview: 2-Way & 3-Way, 7mm Miniature Latching Solenoid Valves.

Description: LHL Series valves are compact, 7 mm magnetically latched control solenoid valves that feature ultra-low power consumption (as low as 5.5 mJ/switch), low heat dissipation, and flow rates as high as 15 SLPM at 15 psig. The latching feature requires only momentary pulses of current to switch to and remain in each flow state. While held in a specific flow state for an extended period of time, these valves don’t consume power, generate heat, or produce noise. Their reliable bi-stable switching performance in a miniature size is ideal for battery powered applications flowing air of gas.

  • Magnetically Latched Design: holds flow state without power
  • Ultra-Low Power: as low as 5.5 mJ/switch
  • Small Size (7 mm) & Lightweight (as low as 2.5g)
  • Low Leakage: <50 µLPM across life (air)
  • Ideal For Portable Devices
Part Numbers:
LHLA0342311H, LHLA0352311H, LHLA0511111H, LHLA0511211H, LHLA0511311H, LHLA0511355D, LHLA0511411H, LHLA0521111H, LHLA0521211H, LHLA0521311H, LHLA0521380D, LHLA0521411H, LHLA0531111H, LHLA0531211H, LHLA0531311H, LHLA0531380D, LHLA0531411H, LHLA0542311H, LHLA0542411H, LHLA0552311H, LHLA0552411H, LHLA1211111H, LHLA1211211H, LHLA1211311H, LHLA1211355D, LHLA1211411H, LHLA1221111H, LHLA1221211H, LHLA1221311H, LHLA1221380D, LHLA1221411H, LHLA1231111H, LHLA1231211H, LHLA1231311H, LHLA1231380D, LHLA1231411H, LHLA1242311H, LHLA1242411H, LHLA1252311H, LHLA1252411H, LHLA2411111H, LHLA2411211H, LHLA2411311H, LHLA2411411H, LHLA2421111H, LHLA2421211H, LHLA2421311H, LHLA2421411H, LHLA2431111H, LHLA2431211H, LHLA2431311H, LHLA2431411H
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