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General Specifications

The following specifications apply to all Fixed Volume Dispense Pumps, unless otherwise noted.

Cycle Life

The pumps will typically operate across a minimum of 10 million cycles on water, depending on application conditions.

Operating Pressure

The pumps will operate within the specified pressure range when supplied with the rated voltage ± 5%.

  • Maximum case pressure: 5 psig
  • Inlet and outlet port pressure range:
  • LPL Series: ± 30 in. H20
  • LPM and LPG Series: ± 60 in. H20
  • Variations in pressure due to head or restriction can affect dispense volume accuracy.

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient operating temperature range is dependent on the elastomer; reference table below for details.
  • Maximum coil temperature not to exceed 200°F (90°C).
  • Increasing the operating temperature tends to limit coil performance. The pump duty cycle and energized time must be evaluated for conformance with the maximum rated operating and coil temperatures.
EPDM 30°F to 120°F (-1°C to 49°C)
FKM 45°F to 120°F (7°C to 49°C)

Storage Conditions

  • Temperature: -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 80°C)
  • Relative humidity: 85% (max); non-condensing
  • Pumps should be stored completely wet or completely dried with nitrogen before prolonged periods of inactivity to avoid elastomeric stiction.

Response Time

  • Maximum operating frequency:
    • LPL and LPL2 Series: 2 Hz
    • LPM and LPG Series: 5 Hz
  • Operating the pumps at higher frequencies will affect dispense accuracy and life expectancy.
  • Response times are dependent upon system conditions, power, environment, etc. The response time will typically increase as the ambient operating temperature decreases. Extended periods of inactivity may also have an impact on the initial response time of the pump.

Electrical Connections

There are two different connection designs available:

  • Lead-Wires: Pumps are supplied with a 6", #28 AWG lead-wire with the ends of the wires stripped and tinned. An electrical connector can be added as part of a custom design.
  • Pins with Locking End Caps: Pumps are supplied with two 0.025" square electrical pins spaced 0.20" center to center. This design is compatible with most standard electrical connectors designed for 0.10" spacing. The locking end provides an added secondary retention clip that is compatible with AMP Part Number 104257-2 style connectors. The Lee Company also offers compatible lead-wire assemblies in two different lengths:

Electrical Characteristics

  • Standard operating voltages available: 12 and 24 Vdc (±5%)
  • Refer to individual product pages for power consumption.
  • Pumps are not rated for continuous duty; 50% maximum duty cycle.

Port Connections

  • Soft Tube Port: Designed for use with soft, flexible tubing; 1/16" (1.6 mm) I.D. or 3/32" (2.4 mm) I.D. depending on the design. It’s important to note that the o-rings must be removed from the ports prior to installing any tubing.
  • 1/4 - 28 Port: Designed for use with standard 1/4-28 flat bottom fittings.
  • 062 MINSTAC Ports: Designed for use with The Lee Company’s 062 MINSTAC PTFE tubing system. Refer to MINSTAC section for further details.
  • Manifold Mount: See pump mounting detail pages for additional information and replacement o-rings.

Mounting Information

  • Flange Mount: The pumps should be mounted to a surface using the following screws:
    • LPM: 2x #2 screws
    • LPL2: 2x #4 screws
    • LPG: 2x #8 screws
  • 062 MINSTAC: The pumps should be mounted to a surface using #2 (M2) mounting screws.
  • 1/4-28 Port: The pumps should be mounted to a surface using #2 (M2) mounting screws.


Filtration of 35 microns or finer is recommended. Click here for more information.