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Lee offers a wide range of nozzles capable of providing either a precise droplet or atomized fluid. Several mounting styles allow these nozzles to be incorporated directly onto our VHS dispensing valves, or to be connected to valves using soft flexible tubing.

Dispense nozzles are available in straight tubes or with jeweled orifices (allowing tighter droplet control).

  • Mounting styles include:
    • 062 MINSTAC
    • 062 MINSTAC w/ HEX nut
    • Straight tube for use with soft tubing

Atomizing nozzles are available in airless and air assisted models.

Dispensing Nozzles

Lee dispensing nozzles with 062 threads mount into any Lee 062 MINSTAC boss. This allows the nozzle to be mounted directly onto our VHS micro-dispensing valves. Direct mounting reduces the overall package size and the fluid volume between the nozzle and valve sealing point. This reduced volume decreases the fluid reaction time (time from when the valve opens until the fluid exits the nozzle). This will also allow flow control using PWM (pulse width modulation).

The hypo port design can be pressed into flexible tubing allowing remote mounting of the nozzle. This can be used to decrease the center to center spacing or to place the nozzle away from the valving.

Lee offers Nitinol® dispensing nozzles. These flexible nozzles can be side loaded and still return to their original shape. This prevents permanent damage when they are accidentally struck.

Atomizing Nozzles

Lee atomizing nozzles are offered in both air assisted and airless designs. The airless design provides atomization at relatively low pressure (15 psi) without the need for an external air source. These are offered in a 062 MINSTAC mounting style.

Air assisted nozzles provide atomization with as little as 5 psi fluid and atomizing air pressures. These are designed for use with soft tubing.

Special nozzles can be engineered for insertion into manifolds, and with coatings to reduce droplet adhesion.