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The Lee Company offers a complete line of nozzles, capable of providing precise dispensing or atomization of fluids. Available in several different mounting styles, these nozzles can be integrated with our VHS Series solenoid valves or used separately and connected with soft flexible tubing.

Dispensing Nozzles

The dispensing nozzles can be mounted to our VHS Series valves for dispensing applications. Available in different mounting styles, this setup not only reduces the overall size, but more importantly, it minimizes the amount of transition fluid between the valve sealing surface and nozzle which improves the overall reaction time at the system level.

Atomizing Nozzles

The atomizing nozzles are available in both air-assisted and airless designs. Our airassisted nozzles provide atomization with as little as 5 psi of fluid and air. These nozzles are available for use with soft flexible tubing. The airless nozzles provide atomization at relatively low pressures (30 psi) without the need for an external air source. All nozzles are made with materials that will ensure consistent long-term performance. The Lee Company can customize performance to meet specific application requirements. Please contact your local Lee Sales Engineer for additional technical assistance and application information.