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Safety Screens

The use of proper filtration is critical to the performance of any microfluidic system, especially with the VHS Series valves. Improper filtration can result in excessive seat leakage and sometimes damage to the sealing surface. The Lee Company offers some secondary safety screens, which are not intended to replace system filtration. Refer to MINSTAC for available options and click here for additional information on system cleanliness.

Electrical Pin Bending Tool

The Lee Company offers a special pin bending tool (Part Number IHWX0256010A) that allows our customers to bend the electrical connection pins on the VHS Series valves. This tool is intended for development purposes and is not recommended for use in production. Please contact The Lee Company if you are interested in a custom design with bent pins.

Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches [mm]. Drawings are not to scale.


For optimum dispensing, the VHS Series valves should be used together with a nozzle. The Lee Company offers a complete line of nozzles in various styles, such as 062 MINSTAC, Straight Ported and Atomizing. Refer to Nozzles for additional information.