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Line Mounts

The Lee Company offers many of it’s precision fluid control products already installed in appropriately sized flared, flareless, or dynamic beam seal unions. Lee also offers an array of higher pressure Restrictors, Valves, and Safety Screens built directly into convenient Ring Locked Adapters, allowing designers to take advantage of the unused space in the adapters to reduce manifold size and weight.


  • Specially Designed to Accept Most Lee Inserts
  • Available in Three Styles: Flared, Flareless and Dynamic Beam Seal
  • Stainless Steel or Titanium Construction
  • Distinctive Appearance and Permanent Marking


  • Integral Restrictors, Safety Screens and Valves in Ring Locked Adapters
  • Constructed using Light weight Titanium Adapters
  • Unique Blue Locking Ring Makes Identification Easy

How To Select A Line Mount Product

  1. The first step in the line mount selection process is to pick from any of 22 standard union configurations. If the union you require is unavailable as a standard product, we would be happy to evaluate a special design.
  2. Select the type of Lee component that is to be packaged within the union selected in step 1.
  3. Select a product type to see a list of available part numbers.
  4. Select a part number or click “view” to see specific information about that part number.


    Select a LineMount Product