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Lee Micro DampĀ®

The Lee Micro Damp improves the accuracy, reliability, and life of pressure measurement instruments. A pressure transducer, for example, is specified for a particular application based upon a system's maximum operating pressure, with an additional overpressure margin if pressure transients, spikes or pulsations are present. If a pressure transducer is chosen to tolerate the higher pressure transients, then accuracy is sacrificed. The Lee Micro Damp Visco Snubber therefore allows a transducer optimized for a lower pressure range to be used. Also, reliability and life are improved since pressure sensing elements are not fully exposed to the detrimental effects of the pressure spikes. Catastrophic failures due to extreme, unanticipated overpressurization are also avoided. Using the Lohm Law for snubbing, performance can be accurately predicted, eliminating costly trial and error methods.