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Why Smaller is Better

Space and Weight Savings
Lee Piloting Solenoid Valves offer significant size and weight savings over traditional solenoid valve designs. The valves feature the patented Lee MultiSeal, which eliminates O-rings and back-up rings, reduces machining, and radically simplifies port layout by allowing two ports to be sealed on the same centerline. This allows the hydraulic portion of the valve to be smaller, resulting in a compact, low-profile installation, which reduces the overall size of the manifold.

Space and Weight Savings
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Efficient Operation
Extensive use of magnetic finite element analysis and a unique plunger design have resulted in a miniature, low-power consumption solenoid with an unusually efficient force/stroke relationship. This ensures positive "pull-in" even under the worst case conditions of degraded supply pressure and high ambient temperature, while also exceeding a stringent minimum "drop-out" specification.

Proven Design
The miniature, mechanical valve element is based on the proven, low-leakage designs that have been used extensively in other Lee products for over 60 years. The valve section is protected by an integral safety screen and has demonstrated consistent performance over 2.5 million cycles in qualification testing.

Special Designs 
The Lee Company also offers special solenoid valve designs for 12 to 50 volt dc nominal systems. Higher pressure versions (greater than 5000 psi) and lower pressure versions (less than 3000 psi) are also available, as are versions offering greater flow than the 1800 Lohm piloting designs. Higher temperature solenoid valves operating up to ambient temperatures of 392°F (200°C) can also be supplied. Special solenoid valves can also be supplied for fluids such as fuel and water based control fluids. Other available options include integral diodes and other special connector types.