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281 PRI®/Chek®

WESTBROOK, CT – The Lee Company's new 281 PRI®/Chek® Valve combines the function of a pressure relief valve in parallel with a check valve into one easy to install insert. The relief valve function features a rugged Tungsten Carbide ball and a 440C seat for durability and long life. The remaining components are constructed entirely of stainless steel.

Offered with or without integral safety screens, the 281 PRI/Chek Valve is available in a range of relief flow cracking pressures for system pressures up to 5000 psi. Maximum restriction in the free flow direction is only 300 Lohms (550 Lohms for the screened version). Each Lee PRI/Chek Valve is 100% tested and inspected in both flow directions to ensure reliable, consistent performance.