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Key Highlights

  • Low carryover volume
  • Zero dead volume
  • Ultra-low internal volume
  • Inert materials
  • Long cycle life

Xover – the new standard in efficient flow selection

The Lee Company is excited to introduce Xover – a groundbreaking internal pinch-tube solenoid valve designed to switch quickly and efficiently between samples, reagents, cleaning solutions or calibrants. The Xover solenoid valve features an exceptionally low carryover volume of just 3.7 μL, and a total internal volume of just 11 µL. Xover’s innovative design combines the flow path of a pinch valve with the versatile, maintenance-free performance of a chemically inert isolation valve. Xover is ideal for critical applications in flow cytometry, gene sequencing, in vitro diagnostics, urinalysis, and hematology instruments.

See the key features that make Xover with its pinch-tube design and low carryover volume a breakthrough in quick and easy flow selection.


Get detailed information on the new Xover solenoid valve including flow performance, porting schematics, reference drawings, plus a wide range of accessories and starter kits.


Learn how Xover, with featuring low crossover, low shear, and low internal volume, switching can improve cytometer performance and lower testing costs.


Learn how the Xover inert internal pinch-tube solenoid valve enables fast sample switching and flushing in third generation gene sequencing applications.


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