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Give Contamination A Wide Berth

When it comes to the provision of effective flow restriction for precision micro-hydraulics, there are a number of key factors that you simply cannot afford to overlook. For instance, in applications where contamination is a concern, high levels of reliability become a priority.

Here at The Lee Company we listen carefully to the requirements of our customers and their particular challenges, which is precisely why we’ve developed the new High-Pressure 250 Visco Jet®. This multi-orifice restrictor delivers the performance previously available through a 0.43″ (11mm) diameter cartridge in a significantly smaller 0.25″ (6.35mm) insert package. Notably, the Visco element provides a much larger minimum passage size compared with an equivalent single orifice. For example, it is now possible to replace a 0.0009″ (0.023mm) diameter single orifice with Visco technology featuring a minimum passage of 0.005″ (0.013mm). This significant change in minimum passage size supports a much higher contamination tolerance.

Alas there will always be particles of dirt, metal or lint present in hydraulic systems, even after cleaning and filtering. The size and number of these particles limit the orifice diameter used for fluid restrictors. As you will almost certainly be aware, if a small orifice clogs, it usually means complete system failure. The use of Lee Visco Jet® enables you to use much larger passages and still obtain the same amount of restriction which your system demands, but without fear of failures due to contamination.

With the development of our High-Pressure 250 Visco Jet®, this established innovation just got a whole lot smaller which, in tandem with advanced reliability, will suit a myriad of micro-hydraulic applications where contamination is a specific concern.

Of course, the ability to reliably meter flow will prove particularly advantageous in the oil tools market, with those among you responsible for designing drilling, setting and completion tools all set to benefit.

A further point of note is the high Lohm rates (400,000 to 1.1 million), which are ideal for space launch vehicles, satellites and other applications requiring very low metered flow. Custom flow rates are also available upon request.

Designed with the patented Lee locking end for ease of installation, our the latest Visco Jet® solution features stainless-steel construction for operating pressures up to 8,000 psid.

To discover more about our High Pressure 250 Visco Jet® flow restrictors and how they can benefit your project, please get in touch.