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Why The Lee Company

The Undisputed Leader in Miniature Fluid Control

When you choose The Lee Company, you can trust that every component we make reflects our history, passion, and resolve to be your first choice for fluid control.

The Original Innovators

Engineering Revolutionary, Unique, and Custom Fluid Control Solutions Since 1948

The Lee Company’s first-ever product was the Lee Plug®, a product developed to solve a specific customer problem. In the 70+ years that have followed this invention, we have continued to create and develop new, innovative, and groundbreaking products to solve customers’ problems.

We are the original inventor of dozens of unique miniature fluid control products and technologies that have been – and still are – used in everything from aeroplanes to race cars and spacecraft to medical devices.

We engineer miniature, precision solutions to address some of industry’s toughest challenges.

The Lee Company prides itself on solving the toughest problems. We take the time to understand exactly what our customers’ issues are and work through them as a team. We collaborate with each of our customers to identify what needs to be done, formulate a plan and then come up with a solution that solves their problem and enables their success.

Our passion for and experience with complex problem solving are why industry leaders have continuously relied on our engineering products and support for over 75 years.

Trusted Quality

Lee Products are High Quality and Field-Proven

Our miniature fluid control solutions are used in applications when there is no room for error.

Quality and reliability are a hallmark of The Lee Company and are of the utmost importance to our customers. Over the years, we’ve built a strong, worldwide reputation for high-calibre products. We have an unmatched manufacturing ability to maintain tight tolerances and produce miniature parts that save space and weight.

The Lee Company’s Quality Management System is recognised as a benchmark system by independent auditors.

Unmatched Quality
Every Lee product goes through rigorous qualification testing and must pass an extensive acceptance test procedure prior to shipment, ensuring every unit you receive will exceed its performance specification.
Preferred Supplier
We supply to every major Tier 1 and Tier 2 company in the industries we serve, including aerospace, space, oil and gas, automotive, industrial and medical companies – and have for decades.
Proven Solutions
Many pioneering products and product lines developed by The Lee Company have become the industry standard and are still in use half a century later. Additionally, not only do we have tested and proven solutions but we create custom products to solve today's challenges.
Worldwide Support
We have a global presence enabling us to provide local engineering support to our customers. Through our five European subsidiaries and 10 distributors worldwide, we’re able to better serve our customers in multiple industries around the globe.
Experienced Partner
We are the original inventors of all Lee products, so we know how our parts work and how to ensure reliable performance. With many long-term employees and over 75 years of experience solving our customers’ toughest fluid control problems, we deliver quality products you can trust.
Innovative Engineering
We commit to continuous innovation by investing in our people and technology. State-of-the-art equipment, facilities and software enable our engineers to predict performance and diagnose issues.
Unparalleled Custom Solutions

Customised Products to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Nearly half of all the projects we take on require unique solutions. Lee engineers regularly meet with customers to discuss their needs and propose custom solutions that solve specific problems. Our highly-trained and experienced field sales force of degreed engineers can solve problems on an engineer-to-engineer local level.

We engineer precise, lightweight, space-saving fluid control solutions that address the unique needs of our customers.