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Industry Breathes Sigh of Relief Thanks to Latest Pressure Valve

Ever struggled to find an effective solution for controlling high upstream hydraulic pressure in applications where a constant volume pump is supplying more flow than the system requires? Well, here at The Lee Company we’ve been listening to your concerns on this very issue and have a great solution to offer: the compact Hi-Damped Pressure Relief Insert (HD PRI). Our new HD PRI is ideal for any system where operating pressures and pressure spikes are too severe for conventional relief valves.

Whenever high or spiking pressure is prevalent, you will likely find that standard relief valves suffer from issues such as instability, erosion and structural damage. All of these undesirable effects have consequences in terms of maintenance and repair, not to mention cost and, potentially, safety.

For this reason, our designers here at The Lee Company have made dual hydraulic dampening chambers a central feature of the HD PRI. These chambers provide extremely stable relief flow over various flow rates and pressure combinations. And the good news doesn’t end there, as the valve also ensures quiet operation.

Although typical applications include flight control actuators, steering systems and flow dividers, potential uses for the HD PRI are wide ranging across sectors that include aerospace, high-performance motorsport and oil exploration.

Those of you hankering for durability and longevity will be pleased to learn that the relief valve is constructed entirely of stainless steel. As a result, the HD PRI is ideal for use in hydraulic systems with operating pressures up to 5,000 psi (344 bar).

Set inside a compact footprint to meet the demands of all applications in precision micro-hydraulics, our HD PRI is available in 0.281″ (7.14 mm) and 0.375″ (9.53 mm) diameter models, while the nominal weight is as low as 9 grams.

To suit all projects, we can supply you with valves in a wide range of configurations, cracking pressures and flow rates.

Like all of our relief valves, the HD PRI is 100% tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent performance, providing you with total peace of mind.

To discover more about our HD PRI and how it can benefit your project, please contact us.