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Power Generation

Protect the Power Grid with Resilient Components from The Lee Company

When heat and electricity for millions of homes lie in the balance, components from The Lee Company provide the durability and precision you need.

Power Generation | Our Experience

Powering Homes and Cities with Robust Fluid Control Products

Heatwaves and other types of unseasonable weather have put increasing stress on power grids in recent years – which is why you need components that can help you lower your costs and increase the reliability and efficiency of your industrial gas turbines. Degreed sales engineers from The Lee Company can work directly with your engineering team to overcome challenges with knowledge specific to your industry and local area. We can even provide custom solutions to meet your unique requirements. You need high-quality products produced under an industry-leading quality management system, which is how The Lee Company guarantees the quality and reliability of our components.

The power generation industry receives numerous mission-critical components from The Lee Company, including safety screen filters, check valves, flow restrictors, nozzles and atomisers. These components help ensure reliable and efficient combustion to help you keep the lights on.

For example, your industry needs safety screen filters to prevent rogue contamination from interfering with vulnerable components in the combustion air management system. The Lee Company offers high pressure laser-drilled safety screens in sizes ranging from 0.25 of an inch to 8 inches in diameter. Their various retention methods, hole sizes and hole geometries mean they can be used in any part of the process. Each is designed for easy maintenance and can achieve maximum protection without sacrificing burst pressure or flow rate to keep your power plant operating efficiently.

As far as customisation is concerned, The Lee Company will gladly offer engineering support to help you create a component that fits your unique needs. When we make custom components, our customers can save costs by focusing on large-scale system design while relying on our in-house expertise to accomplish the (literally) smaller details.

Lastly, power plants sacrifice considerable revenue in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). The Lee Company helps you offset these costs by providing functional, field-proven designs, manufacturing components under a benchmark QMS and putting our components through extensive qualification testing. So, no matter which of our components you need, you can rely on our products to help you keep the lights on.

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Design Lee Components into Power Generation Systems

Here’s the information you need to learn about how Lee components can improve power plants and generators’ performance, safety and reliability.

Power Generation | Products

Standard and Custom Power Generation Components

Purchase Lee components off the shelf or work with our Technical Sales Engineers to design a custom component for your specific needs.


The Lee Company offers a wide range of expansion plugs that are capable of withstanding the forces and requirements involved in the power generation industry.

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about plugs.

Check Valves

When you need a check valve that can last in a power generation environment for over a million cycles, The Lee Company has what you need.

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about check valves.

Flow Restrictors

When power generators need to reduce flow rates without reducing the passage size, they rely on flow restrictors from The Lee Company.

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about flow restrictors.

Flow Metering Valves

The Lee Company offers a range of valves with additional functionality for applications when a basic flow restrictor is insufficient.

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Nozzles from The Lee Company are the most compact, economical, and reliable nozzles available anywhere.

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about nozzles.

Safety Screens

Safety screens from The Lee Company can withstand contamination in power generators ranging from the size of a speck of dirt to the size of a dropped glove.

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about safety screens.

Power Generation | Applications

Trust The Lee Company When Quality, Performance, and Reliability Is Needed Most

Flow Metering

Guaranteed performance with proven flow metering solutions for your mission-critical applications.

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Flow Targeting & Spray

Visit The Lee Company USA to learn more about flow targeting & spray


Robust designs for reliable protection against rogue contamination and debris.

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