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Flow Targeting and Spray

Guaranteed Performance with Proven Flow Targeting and Spray Solutions

Ensure your desired results with predictable, accurate flow targeting and spray solutions from the expert engineering team at The Lee Company. Our targeting and atomizing nozzles offer a constant, precise flow for your most demanding applications.

Why Our Flow and Targeting Spray Solutions

Proven Solutions for Complex Problems

You can trust Lee flow targeting and atomizing nozzles to provide an accurate flow volume and pattern every time.

Superior Reliability and Performance
Every component is 100% performance tested to ensure that nozzles direct fluid precisely and accurately.
Wide Range of Solutions
Options range from economical drilled orifices to complex designs with multiple nozzles and an inlet safety screen for protection, all in a one-piece envelope.
Custom Design Capability
We solve complex problems, engineer to engineer, and customize solutions to address your unique fluid control challenges.

Lubrication and Cooling

Lubrication and cooling systems use fluid to extend the life or increase the allowable operating conditions of another system. By optimizing the volume and location of a fluid, you can decrease the degradation of components. Accurate flow targeting increases the efficiency of the lubrication or cooling system and reduces the total volume of fluid necessary. This may result in the ability to reduce the total volume of fluid in the system and the size of the reservoirs and pumps needed for operation. Selecting miniature, accurate lubrication nozzles in applications where space or weight are critical will provide enormous benefits.

By using nozzles that are 100% tested for capture efficiency, you can guarantee that at least 90% of fluid will reach its defined target across your entire range of temperature and pressure conditions. With a range of field-proven designs operating throughout the life of airplanes, industrial gas turbines, cars, and a range of other applications, The Lee Company has the experience to develop the right solution for you.

View our Lubrication Jets to improve your system today.

Controlling Fuel to Improve Combustion Efficiency

If you need a well-defined stream of fluid for vaporizing tubes in a combustion chamber or require an atomizing spray to speed up the combustion process, Lee products can deliver the precise configuration you require.

We understand the impact of temperature and pressure on the targeting and atomization process and we design our products for the atomizing spray angles, droplet sizes, and critical characteristics you need for optimal performance. Using advanced diagnostic equipment to both analyze and predict performance, we can work with you, engineer to engineer, to develop the right nozzle and ensure optimal engine efficiency.

View our line of flow targeting and spray nozzles.

Coating and Washing Surfaces

Many industries must evenly dispense flow across surfaces for applications ranging from washing test tubes to coating surfaces. Spray nozzles are designed to create a hollow cone of atomized fluid for precise application. Lee products are 100% tested to ensure performance under your most demanding conditions, including fluid, pressure, and temperature. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to develop solutions to provide the right volume of fluid when and where you need it.

View flow targeting and spray nozzle solutions for biomedical, industrial manufacturing, food processing, and other industries.

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Technical Knowledge and Industry-Leading Insight

Our degreed sales engineers are ready to work with you directly, providing industry specific knowledge and experience to help solve complex application problems.

Support & Resources

Support & Resources from a Team that Speaks Your Language

Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these sealing solutions to learn more.

Flow Targeting and Spray Solutions

Accurate, Reliable, and Precise