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The Lee Company | Power Generation

Protect the Power Grid with Resilient Components from The Lee Company

When heat and electricity for millions of homes lie in the balance, components from The Lee Company provide the durability and precision you need.

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Power Generation | Our Experience

Powering Homes and Cities with Robust Fluid Control Products

Heatwaves and unseasonable blizzards have put increasing stress on power grids in recent years – which is why manufacturers rely on components that help lower costs and increase the reliability and efficiency of their industrial gas turbines. For example, contamination is a significant concern in the combustion air management and lubrication systems, as rogue debris may interfere with vulnerable components. Innovative Lee HI-BAR® Safety Screen Filters are used by industry leaders to solve this problem. They can be manufactured in almost unlimited combinations of envelopes, retention methods, hole sizes, and hole geometries. Each filter is designed for maximum protection without sacrificing burst pressure or flow rate to keep your power plant operating efficiently.

The Lee Company offers a wide range of proven off-the-shelf components designed to meet your needs, including check valves, flow restrictors, nozzles, and atomizers. In addition, our engineers have the industry-specific knowledge necessary to provide custom solutions that meet your unique requirements. Let your team focus on complex system-level development while the components experts save you time and engineering resources by supplying the reliable, field-proven products and support you need.

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Learn about the problems we’ve solved, the solutions we’ve provided, and how our engineers have helped increase efficiency and eliminate downtime for industrial gas turbines.

Power Generation | Products

Standard and Custom Power Generation Components

Power plants sacrifice considerable revenue in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The Lee Company helps offset these costs by providing functional, field-proven designs, manufacturing components under a benchmark quality management system (QMS), and putting our components through extensive qualification testing. As a result, no matter which of our components you need, you can rely on our products to help you keep the lights on.

Power Generation | Applications

Lee components are used in a wide range of applications within the power generation industry. Protect your system from contamination with rugged drilled safety screen filters. Accurately control the rate of fuel flow to reduce coking in ignition torches. Precisely atomize liquid for fuel combustion or cleaning systems. Utilize check valves to control pressure conditions within the system.