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The Lee Company | Industrial & Off-Highway

Rugged, Field-Proven Designs Specialized for Harsh Environments

From tractors and ATVs to drink dispensers in fast food restaurants, to the lawnmower in your garage, The Lee Company delivers components designed to last for years, providing your customers with reliable long-term performance.

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Jun 26 — 27, 2024 | Houston, TX

LEE PRODUCTS EVERYWHERE | Improving Hydraulic Performance

Innovation in Miniature for Your Market

Your industry needs miniature components including plugs, flow restrictors, safety screen filters, pumps, and valves such as check valves, pressure relief valves, and solenoid valves – but you can’t just purchase these things indiscriminately. You need products designed with heavy use in mind – as well as the heat, vibration, and shocks involved with industrial, heavy construction, or off-highway use. The Lee Company supplies components rugged enough to help a wide range of these applications, such as:

  • Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Professional Hand Tools
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing Equipment
  • Ink Jet Printing
  • Solar Panel & Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Powertrain
  • Emission Systems
  • Marine & Recreational Vehicles
  • Alternative Energy Systems


Our local Technical Sales Engineers will help solve problems collaboratively with your engineering department, offering their knowledge and industry-specific expertise. Let your team focus on complex system-level development while the components experts with decades of experience worry about the small details (literally).

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An Engineering Heritage Over 75 Years in the Making

Engineers from The Lee Company are dedicated to solving problems and creating innovations for the most demanding applications on the planet.

Industrial & Off-Highway | Products

An Encompassing Product Family of Miniature Hydraulic Components

How does a component smaller than the tip of a pencil improve an entire product’s quality, safety, and durability? The secret lies within the engineering advancements of The Lee Company. Most of our standard products originally began life as a custom solution to a customer’s problem. We’ve been able to standardize some exceptional innovations using this product development method, such as visco technology and high pressure laser-drilled safety screen filters. These components help our customers achieve precise performance by integrating the smallest, lightest, and most reliable products on the market.

We’ve built our reputation as a reliable supplier for many decades – so let us prove our abilities by helping you find the best components and solutions for your application.

Industrial & Off-Highway | Applications

Lee Air Bleed Orifices Improve Hydraulic Performance

You can find Lee components in many places. Simply look inside the skid steer loaders, forklifts, and scissor lifts in a warehouse, to name a few. Outdoors, you can find our components in ATVs, lawnmowers, personal watercraft, and more. You can even find us on the factory floor, where our products are used for sealant, oil, and solvent dispensing, pick and place semiconductor processing, and textile manufacturing machines. There’s an infinite universe of applications for Lee components (we haven’t even mentioned food and beverage or consumer goods). We invite you to speak with a Technical Sales Engineer to learn how The Lee Company can assist with your application.