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Solenoid Valves

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Solenoid Valves

Miniature Solenoid Valves for Wide-Ranging Light Industrial Applications

The Lee Company produces a wide range of solenoid valves for use in light industrial applications, including manufacturing equipment, semiconductor processing, fuel cells, and inkjet printing. When looking to achieve superior performance, turn to our expertise for unmatched reliability and precision fluid control.

Lee solenoid valves serve equipment manufacturers with uses ranging from solar panel manufacturing to solvent dispense. These solenoid valves have the following traits in common: they’re compact, reliable, and precision-engineered.

Control Solenoid Valves

Control solenoid valves are used to flow air or gas in pneumatic systems where versatility and reliability cannot be compromised for fast response times or low power operation. Available as a 2-way or 3-way design in various mounting styles, these compact valves are easily manifold mounted or soft tube connected, making them the perfect solution for applications where many valves must be designed into the smallest space possible. In addition to conventional solenoid valves, we offer magnetically-latching solenoid valves that consume far less power, which helps conserve energy in battery-powered applications.

Dispensing Solenoid Valves

As their name suggests, dispensing solenoid valves are designed to dispense small volumes of liquid ranging from nanoliters to milliliters. Available as a 2-way, normally closed, axial flow configuration, our dispense valves feature a high-speed operation that delivers drop-on-demand performance to regulate fluid flow accurately. The compact design enables dispensing valves to be easily integrated into the tightest spaces. High pressure and high-temperature capabilities allow viscous fluids to be accurately dispensed, and chemically inert materials increase compatibility for use with aggressive fluids.

Support & Resources

Support & Resources from a Team that Speaks Your Language

Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these resources specific to industrial applications.