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Fluid Pumping

Achieve Exceptional Performance with Proven Fluid Pumping Solutions.

Precision fluid control is critical throughout any system – from transporting delicate samples and ensuring reliable detection to improving fuel efficiency and operating in harsh environments. As a result, applications increasingly require multifunctional pumps, integrating fluid control and flexibility without compromising performance or reliability.

Why Our Fluid Pumping Solutions

Precision Fluid Control for Critical Operations

When application requirements seem impossible, you need a pump supplier that has been at the forefront of fluid control technology since our inception. Ongoing research and development have helped us advance pump performance, transforming challenges into deliverable solutions.

Superior Reliability and Performance
You can trust that Lee pumps will provide reliable performance time and time again.
Industry-Leading Experience
The Lee Company’s innovative pumps have a longstanding pedigree in diverse and critical applications, ranging from medical diagnostic instruments to hydraulic systems in the oil and gas industry.
Custom Design Capability
While we offer a range of standard sizes for pumps and other components, we can also build custom products to fit your specific application needs.

Fluid Displacement Control

When aspirating and dispensing liquids on a micro-scale, positive displacement pumps allow you to control fluid volumes with precision incrementally. Lee pumps are typically used in diagnostic and scientific applications for reagent dispensing, aliquoting, and probe washing. Their low internal volume reduces system transport volumes and wash-cycle times. We offer an extensive range of stepper-motor-driven variable volume pumps with integrated home sensors and encoders, providing system-level feedback not offered in traditional syringe pumps.

Our wide range of pumps is easily adaptable to your fluid control requirements, reducing test time and improving instrument reliability. Their low pulsation performance provides stable fluid flow for optimal analyte detection in diagnostic systems. With a true maintenance-free design, you get accurate and repeatable results across millions of cycles.

View our lineup of positive displacement dispense pumps.

Precision Fixed Volume Dosing

Many diagnostic and scientific instruments must dose fixed volumes of fluids with high reliability, especially in sample prep and analytical detection applications. Our factory-set solenoid-driven fixed volume pumps provide repeatable performance in a self-contained package. With a compact self-priming design, you get the dispense volume accuracy you need to improve system test results. Chemically inert materials offer a high level of compatibility with a wide range of fluids, including most buffers and reagents. The pumps’ small size ensures easy integration into small spaces within portable or benchtop instruments.

View our lineup of flexible pump designs with a wide range of dosing volumes.

High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps

In high pressure applications, you need rugged designs that operate efficiently and are resistant to contamination. For example, hydraulic equipment used in the oil and gas industry for downhole applications including drilling, completion, intervention, and unmanned underwater submersibles demand high pressure hydraulic pumps. Lee high pressure hydraulic pumps can handle fluidic systems that pump against pressures as high as 10,000 psi and feature a compact design, which is ideal for applications where space is limited.

See our lineup of high pressure hydraulic pumps designed to withstand extreme environments.

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Technical Knowledge and Industry-Leading Insight

Our degreed sales engineers are ready to work with you directly, providing industry specific knowledge and experience to help solve complex application problems

Support & Resources

Support & Resources from a Team that Speaks Your Language

Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these sealing solutions to learn more.

Fluid Pumping Solutions

Solving Your Fluid Pumping Challenges