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The Lee Company | Diagnostics

Rapid and Repeatable Diagnostics with Fluid Control Components from The Lee Company

Conduct your diagnostic projects faster and more accurately with precision-engineered components from The Lee Company.

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Diagnostics | Our Experience

Save Lives with Faster and More Accurate Diagnostics

Diagnostic equipment is tasked with a vital responsibility. Medical staff can use rapid, repeatable, and accurate diagnostics to stop pandemics in their tracks and catch rare genetic disorders before determining the best course of treatment. To uphold this responsibility, The Lee Company provides innovative solutions through technical expertise. Our Technical Sales Engineers will work with you directly, supplying industry-specific knowledge and experience. We’ll even provide custom solutions to meet your requirements. Broadly, our components can be found in applications such as:

  • Immunoassay
  • Hematology
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Flow Cytometry

Because there is no room for uncertainty in your lab results, diagnostic equipment manufacturers rely on our commitment to quality and reliability to deliver on all accounts, without compromise.

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Enhance Performance while Conserving Size, Power, and Weight

Learn how components from The Lee Company help you deliver more accurate diagnostics into the hands of more people.

Diagnostics | Products

An Encompassing Product Family of Miniature Components

Lee fluid control components can enhance performance in every step of the diagnostic process – from sample preparation to amplification, detection, and sequencing. Each component is manufactured under an industry-leading quality management system and subsequently put through extensive acceptance testing. We’ve built our reputation as a reliable supplier for many decades – so let us prove our abilities by helping you find the best components and solutions for your application.

Diagnostics | Applications

From Detecting Viruses to Selecting Cancer Treatments, Lee Products Accelerate Diagnostics

Components from The Lee Company help create more reliable diagnostic equipment. For example, you can improve the accuracy of your PCR test results by using our miniature, low power, low leakage control solenoid valves to enable the complex piloting of sample and reagent volumes through microfluidic cards. Meanwhile, you can also accelerate pharmaceutical development and facilitate new diagnostic tests with our precision fluid dispensing valves and pumps, which inject microliter and even nanoliter volumes into well plates or directly into flow streams.