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Flow Metering

Consistent Part-to-Part Flow Metering

With mission-critical applications, you need accurate and reliable performance. You can trust Lee flow metering components to provide consistent flow every time.

Why Our Flow Metering Solutions

Proven Solutions for Complex Problems

Highly accurate and reliable flow restrictors and dual-function metering products provide guaranteed precision flow and consistent part-to-part performance.

Superior Consistency and Performance
Rigorous acceptance testing of every part from the industry’s top engineers guarantees precision components that meet your flow performance requirements.
Unparalleled Industry Experience
We've solved thousands of unique customer challenges with innovative solutions and supply millions of flow restrictors annually for a wide range of critical applications.
Diverse Standard Options
Commercially available, in-stock, and economical, we have the broadest range of different flow rates, single and multi-orifice configurations, envelopes, and materials ready for your use today. We can also create custom solutions for your application working engineer to engineer.

Precision Metering

Precision metering is crucial in almost every fluidic application. Whether you control the amount of reagent to be mixed with a sample for medical diagnostic testing, controlling air delivery to a patient’s lungs from a ventilator, or controlling the fuel flow rate to an engine, precision flow metering is critical to optimal performance of the system.

To guarantee performance, you need a product that delivers a precise amount of fluid within tight tolerances under the necessary range of operating conditions. The best solution is one that is qualified, field-proven, and 100 percent acceptance tested to ensure every piece performs within the specified conditions. Whether your application requires a single precision orifice, a flow regulating valve that guarantees flow regardless of pressure differential, or anything in between, The Lee Company offers a product for your mission-critical application.

View a range of single and multi orifice flow restrictors for when you need small, lightweight, and repeatable flow metering components.


Control Rate of Extend and Retract for Cylinders and Actuators

When you need to precisely control the speed and timing of a hydraulic actuator or cylinder, use flow restrictors that are 100% tested to guarantee accuracy and robust enough to withstand the necessary environment. Often, a system is designed with an actuator that has different extend and retract rates. This typically requires multiple individual restrictors, check valves, and flow paths. Fortunately, as a supplier focused on products that save space and weight, we also offer valves that provide these multiple functions within one miniature device with models as small as 0.187 inch in diameter. We also offer a unique innovation that guarantees the speed of extend and retract regardless of pressure conditions.

Review a variety of flow metering valve solutions tailored to a wide range of industries with proven performance in aircraft, downhole oil tools, cars, industrial equipment, and more.

Air Management

When air gets trapped in hydraulic systems, it can create slower system reaction times and reduce overall system efficiency. With extremely low flow, air bleed orifice restrictors may be used to eliminate this trapped air in hydraulic systems and eliminate that spongy feel you get from air pockets that cause system lag.

It is essential to have miniature, highly restrictive precision orifices that allow air to bleed out of the system and back to the sump without loss of liquid. You also want flow-tested components that have been 100% tested under specific operating conditions to guarantee performance. Lee products can solve your toughest air management issues. By using components with miniature, compact envelopes, devices may even be added late in the design cycle when unexpected trapped air is detected, and significant changes to existing hardware would result in costly delays.

Learn more about Lee Air Bleed Orifice flow restrictors.

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Flow Metering Solutions

Highly accurate and reliable flow restrictors and dual function metering products with guaranteed flow performance.