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Dispensing Solutions

Accurate Dispensing Requires Precision Components

When designing your dispensing system, you need field-proven components and application knowledge to quickly set up and meet your dispensing goals.

Why Our Dispensing Solutions

Uniquely Designed for Flexibility and Performance

Dispensing applications require system designers to balance and control a wide variety of variables. System restriction, response time, internal volume, and fluid properties are all factors that impact the performance of these systems. Whether you’re dispensing nanoliters or microliters, Lee dispensing components are designed to offer optimal flexibility to meet the needs of your application while being easy to set up and integrate.

Superior Reliability and Performance
You can trust that Lee pumps, valves, and nozzles will dispense reliably and accurately time and time again.
Incredible Range
Whether you require a specific speed, dispense volume, pressure, or fluid compatibility, we have a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations.
Engineered for Your Requirements
Our in-depth knowledge of your applications enables our integrated engineering and production teams to customize dispensing solutions that meet your unique needs.

Time-Metered Dispensing

Dispensing precise volumes of liquid is useful in a wide variety of industries, whether for scientific research instruments, medical diagnostics, or high-tech industrial applications where accurate and small volumes are needed. Time-metered dispensing with constant pressure is a great way to ensure the precise dosing you need for different types of fluids while keeping your system simple. Ultra-fast and consistent valves paired with nozzles enable dispensing systems to be set up quickly and effectively. We offer a portfolio of components to adapt to your specific dispensing requirements. Whether your fluid is a reagent, bio-ink, adhesive, flux, or proprietary coating, our comprehensive portfolio of dispensing components will optimize your time-metered system.

Learn about dispense solenoid valves that enable easy configuration of dispensing systems.

Positive Displacement Dispensing

Positive displacement dispensing is critical for many medical diagnostics, scientific instruments, industrial dispensing, and subsea applications. When you need to pump precise volumes, independent of fluid properties such as viscosity, your solution is positive displacement. Thanks to the incorporation of inert and biocompatible components, these dispensing options can be used with laboratory reagents, buffer solutions, and samples. Lee positive displacement pumps simplify system design, providing fluid power and precise dosing in a small, maintenance-free package. Whether you choose a precision piston pump or an easy-to-integrate solenoid operated pump, our positive displacement dispensing options offer consistent performance and exceptional value.

View our portfolio of positive displacement dispensing options.

Droplet Dispensing

Precise droplet dispensing is critical to scientific research, medical diagnostics, and high-tech industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing. These critical applications require perfectly formed droplets as small as 10 nanoliters dispensed into a precise location.

Typically, droplets are dispensed to enable single-cell analysis and bio-printing. Lee dispensing valves can deliver lubricant or flux onto components at the smallest, most advanced level in industrial applications. Our droplet dispensing valves are capable of high-speed kilohertz operation, allowing for both high speed and low volume dispensing and leading to rapid analysis for scientific instrument applications. Low internal volume components minimize the use of expensive critical fluids, and our inert materials ensure compatibility with your critical and reactive fluids.

Learn more about our lineup of dispensing solenoid valves.

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Dispensing Solutions

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