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Pressure Control

Reliable, Stable Pressure Control for Critical Applications

You can trust Lee products to maintain control of your pressure for safety-critical operations. Whether you’re trying to build up, sustain, or relieve pressure for applications, rely on Lee products for reliable and stable pressure control with proven field-tested solutions.

Why Our Pressure Control Solutions

Proven Solutions for Complex Problems

Lee valves and flow restrictors are used across almost every industry, providing safe and dependable pressure control.

Superior Reliability and Repeatability
A highly engineered product with consistent part-to-part performance and 100% testing ensures every part meets your requirements.
More Than 75 Years of Experience
Unparalleled experience solving complex customer challenges has provided field-tested insight to refine the product to meet your exacting needs.

Wide Variety of Options
Choose from hundreds of different valve options such as check valve, relief valve, shuttle valve, or shut-off valve configurations, envelopes, performance specifications, and materials.

Safety Relief

When you need to protect your system or its components from sudden pressure increases, you want fast-acting, reliable valves that will perform even after a long period of inactivity. After relieving pressure, the valve must close quickly so the system can continue to perform. It is critical that a safety relief valve is stable, minimizes leakage, and opens and resets at the necessary pressures. All Lee valves are 100% tested to ensure consistent, long term performance.

View our line of pressure relief valves for a wide range of industries that require hydraulic or pneumatic safety relief, such as aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, industrial, and medical.

Pressure Regulation

Some systems require a valve to control pressure conditions either upstream or downstream. In these cases, the valve is often operating continuously in a range near its cracking pressure. The valves must be designed to operate in the range without becoming unstable. Instability can result in increased wear and noise from valve chatter. It’s essential to have a proven design that is 100% tested to ensure consistent and continuous performance across your entire range of pressure and flow conditions.

We have a wide range of design options for momentum relief valves intended for pressure regulation applications. We can also customize valve designs to meet your specific needs.

Thermal Relief

Thermal relief valves protect your systems against the thermal expansion of system fluids resulting from temperature increases. The thermal expansion may result in increased pressure that creates stress or damage to your housing or components. This is a common issue in applications where temperatures rise quickly, such as an airplane going from cold temperatures at altitude and descending to the heat of a runway during summer.

Your valve must operate with very low flow rates without silting or causing instability. A valve with low hysteresis helps ensure only the necessary volume of fluid is removed from the system. You also need tight leakage due to the infrequent use of thermal relief valves.

See our line of thermal relief valves.

Mitigating Pressure Pulses or Flows in Reverse Direction

Changing conditions upstream can result in sudden pressure pulses that may damage components from reverse flow.

Pump inlets and outlets, pressurized tanks, injection systems, actuation, and many other fluidic system applications across industries require one-way valves. Lee components ensure the valve allows appropriate directional flow while minimizing leakage in the opposite direction. Our robust valves are designed to withstand your most demanding systems and environments.

View a wide variety of check valve configurations, materials, and envelopes designed for your unique application.

Pulsation Dampening

In high-pressure systems, you may need to dampen pump pulsations to eliminate noise, vibration, and to protect pressure-sensitive components. For example, snubbing pulses upstream of a transducer that is subject to a cyclic pressure ripple superimposed on a steady pressure improves the transducer’s accuracy, reliability, and cycle life. The first step is understanding the size and frequency of the ripples to determine the necessary restriction of the snubber. Next, pulsation dampening requires robust components that have been field-tested and proven to withstand your environment. Utilizing 100% flow-tested products under specific operating conditions will ensure that you get optimal performance.

Miniature Lee components are specifically designed to provide reliable snubbing without significantly increasing system size or weight.

When pulsation dampening is important, you can count on Lee single orifice and multi orifice flow restrictors.

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Pressure Control Solutions

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