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About us

The Lee Company is a Global Leader in Miniature Fluid Control

Recognized worldwide for our history, engineering expertise, and the partnership we offer our customers, The Lee Company has been providing innovative solutions to our customers’ toughest fluid control problems for more than 75 years.

The Lee Company Difference

Your Go-To Engineering Partner and Expert Problem Solver

Did you know that a typical commercial jet uses an average of 4000 parts from The Lee Company? The cars and trucks you see on the road everyday on your way to work and the life-saving medical equipment in hospital rooms around the world all use Lee components. This only happens when you produce consistently high-quality, reliable, and high-performing products.

Every product we make reflects our history, passion, and resolve to be your first choice for fluid control. Everywhere you look, you’ll find our fluid control solutions being implemented with confidence.

The Lee Company is a world leader in miniature precision fluid control products for industries like aerospace and defense, automotive, diagnostics, industrial and off-highway, medical equipment, scientific instruments, motorsports, oil and gas, power generation, and many others. We provide engineered solutions for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

When you need components that can’t fail, The Lee Company produces what you need. Every product we manufacture is 100% tested before it leaves the factory floor so you can be confident it will work when you install it.

That’s why Lee products were part of the launch vehicle, lunar lander, and even the spacesuit responsible for man’s first walk on the moon. It’s why thousands of companies – both large and small, established industry leader or just starting out – have always trusted Lee products.

Our team has been solving our customers’ toughest fluid control problems for decades. When you contact any of our offices, you’ll talk with an engineer who knows our products inside and out.

We can walk you through the process and ensure that you get the best-fit solution for your application. We will meet your requests and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

While we are a global company with multiple campuses worldwide, you will find local expertise and technical support no matter where you do business. So give us a call – we can’t wait to help solve your complex engineering problems.

The Lee Company | Our Story

Dive Deeper into the Pedigree of The Lee Company

A family-owned and operated company since 1948, The Lee Company continues to carry out our founder’s vision of providing innovative solutions for fluid control.


In 1948, my father founded this company through hard work and an innovative approach to engineering. I am grateful to him and to our talented team who have carried on his legacy. Thanks to them, The Lee Company has become a world leader in miniature fluid control technology. Today, thousands of companies in a wide range of industries rely on us to solve their toughest fluid control challenges.

Bill Lee
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