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The Lee Company has developed a wide range of miniature check valve configurations designed to prevent reverse flow in hydraulic or pneumatic systems. These robust valves can withstand challenging environments over the life of your product and still demonstrate consistent, repeatable, reliable performance. Lee check valves are proven to exceed performance requirements in many demanding industries and can be customized to offer the optimal solution for your application.

  • Ball style check valves offer the most economical design with axial flow around a ball bearing that forms the sealing element.
  • Side exit check valves include porting that allows the ball to move out of the flow path, increasing flow capacity and enhancing silt resistance.
  • High flow check valves offer up to 3.5 times more flow than an axial flow ball-style check valve of the same diameter.
  • Zero leak check valves feature an elastomeric seal material for applications where eliminating leakage is critical.
  • Extreme environment check valves can withstand working pressures up to 15,000 psi and operating temperatures of up to 400°F.
  • Pilot-operated check valves are 3-port valves that are able to be held open by applying fluidic pressure to the pilot port.

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An airplane, a car, and a medical device serve completely different purposes in unique environments. They require parts that are engineered specifically for the application – and we specialize in doing just that. To easily find the best solution, select your industry and see specific products that are engineered to optimize the critical system you’re working on.

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