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Precision Engineered Products from The Lee Company Provide Solutions Across Industries

From off-road vehicles to airplanes to the lawnmower in your garage, The Lee Company provides fluid control components that enable precise performance in a wide range of industries.

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Precision Performance Regardless of Industry or Application

Components from The Lee Company help customers achieve an optimal balance of performance, quality, price, and reliability. You can choose from a vast range of miniature components, such as plugs, flow restrictors, safety screen filters, pumps, and valves such as check valves, relief valves, and solenoid valves – and each will surpass your expectations. Our products have been implemented in everything from consumer applications to lunar landers. They can withstand the rugged environment of a downhole oil well or be used in instruments  that perform genetic sequencing and molecular diagnostics — and they’ll exceed the requirements of your application as well.

Our Technical Sales Engineers will help solve problems collaboratively with your engineering department, offering their knowledge and industry-specific expertise. Let your team focus on complex system-level development while the components experts with decades of experience worry about the small details (literally).

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Learn Which Components You Need and Why They’re the Best Solution for Your Application

Our library of technical resources will help you understand the solutions we offer, examples of the challenges they have met, and what is important to ensure they operate properly in your application.

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A Vast Array of Standard and Custom Components Backed By Rigorous Testing

Most of our standard products originally began life as a custom solution and we’ve been able to standardize some exceptional innovations using this product development method. Each component is manufactured under an industry-leading quality management system and subsequently put through extensive acceptance testing. We’ve built our reputation as a reliable supplier for many decades – so let us prove our abilities by helping you find the best components and solutions for your application.

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The Lee Company produces both specialized and standard configuration products. For example, nearly any industry can use one of our standard check valves, but only the oil and gas industry needs the 15,000 psi NACE compliant version. That said, we’ve found that some of our products intended for just one sector can be used in others. Our dispensing solenoid valve technology was initially designed for industrial uses such as inkjet printing. However, one of our engineers found another use for it, and now the optimized design is widely used in satellite propulsion. We’ve been able to help pioneering organizations create entirely new product categories, so work with us to bring your unique design to life.