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Precision Engineered Pumps for Different Kinds of Extreme Conditions

The Lee Company offers pumps for two types of applications. One application is high-pressure fluid movement, and the other is low-pressure incremental control to displace small volumes of liquid or gas. For both types of applications, Lee pumps can precisely control the movement of incredibly aggressive fluids, directly or indirectly, and perform as designed for thousands of hours with little to no maintenance.

Lee HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) pumps were originally designed for use in the oil industry, but they can be used in any industry where liquids have to be controlled at high pressures. These pumps can generate up to 10,000 psi and can withstand operating temperatures up to 400°F. If you need a pump that can generate powerful forces in a space-restricted environment, choose this component.

Meanwhile, our low-pressure pumps are intended for scientific, medical, diagnostic, and light industrial applications.

  • Our miniature, silent, lightweight, piezoelectric disc pumps generate accurate pneumatic pressure and vacuum, enabling precise, ultra-smooth, high speed gas and liquid flow control. This combination of exceptional, pulsation-free performance and small size means these micropumps are ideal for use in portable environmental analyzers, microfluidics, and a variety of patient-side applications.
  • Our fixed and variable volume dispense pumps deliver dependable positive fluid displacement solutions for a variety of diagnostics and analytical laboratory equipment. They offer fine dispense resolutions, high precision volumetric dosing, exceptional accuracy, and an extensive life. These maintenance-free pumps allow you to handle challenging fluids, minimize system downtime, and position the pump where the system’s fluidics dictate, regardless of accessibility.


With the recent acquisition of TTP Ventus, we are pleased to add piezoelectric disc pumps to our portfolio of miniature, precision pumps. These ultrasonic, pneumatic micropumps generate pressure or vacuum in a small, silent, vibration-free form factor, and are available with or without integrated electronics for added simplicity. Designed for highly accurate, ultra-smooth, gas and liquid flow control, our disc pumps deliver unrivalled pneumatic performance and enable innovation wherever precision control of small volumes is critical. Available in five different product series, these innovative pumps can achieve flow rates up to 2 LPM and pressures spanning from -400 to +600 mbar.

Fixed Volume Dispense Pumps

Fixed volume dispense pumps are solenoid-driven, chemically inert positive displacement pumps, which provide accurate and repeatable dispense volumes ranging from 10 to 175 µL in a small, lightweight package. Lee fixed volume pumps require a simple electrical signal for operation – the pumps aspirate fluid when energized and dispense fluid when de-energized. Integrated check valves, together with our unique housing design and diaphragm seal interface, prevent siphoning when the dispense point is positioned above the fluid reservoir.

Variable Volume Dispense Pumps

Variable volume dispense pumps are stepper motor-driven designs providing full dispense volumes ranging from 50 to 3000 µL. Lee variable volume pumps use a unique drivetrain design to aspirate a volume of fluid accurately and then dispense that fluid volume out in smaller increments. The pumps are available in a single seal or dual seal configuration for improved sealing performance when flowing aggressive fluids. Each pump is equipped with a home sensor to establish the end of stroke position. In some models, an optical motor encoder is included for applications requiring feedback on piston movement.

Axial Piston Pumps

Lee HPHT Pumps are designed specifically for extreme conditions. The innovative axial piston design of Lee HPHT Pumps eliminates the use of elastomers, increases resistance to contamination, and dramatically improves reliability.

Lee HPHT Pumps can generate up to 10,000 psi and are rated for operating temperatures up to 400°F. They have been cycle-tested for over 1000 hours and designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration. Available in 22 mm and 30 mm diameter envelopes for packaging flexibility, these compact designs are ideal for extreme environments, and limited space found downhole.

Lee HPHT Pumps can be customized to meet specific application requirements, such as altering the mounting configuration or inlet and outlet connections. An integral safety screen can be added to increase protection against contamination.

Radial Piston Pumps

The 200 Series Pump is engineered with cutting-edge integrated control electronics, making them seamlessly adaptable to various customer systems. Featuring a one-of-a-kind radial piston design, these pumps facilitate self-priming and effectively mitigate cavitation. The embedded control electronics deliver comprehensive variable speed control, offering unmatched flexibility. In addition, intelligence is built into the pump module to provide operational feedback such as pump speed, motor current, and fault monitoring.

This high performing product boasts state-of-the-art controls, a high efficiency brushless DC servo motor, compatibility with most fuels and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, and unique radial piston pump technology, making it ideal for fuel systems and demanding applications.

The pumps operate on 12-36 VDC and can provide over 0.6 GPM at 100 psid.

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