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The Lee Company | Automotive

Precision Components to Meet the Needs of the Automotive Market

The Lee Company offers a proven track record for engineering precision components and solving unique problems for major auto manufacturers and OEMs.

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Aachen Colloquium

Oct 7 — 9, 2024 | Aachen, Germany

Automotive | Our Experience

The Lowest-Risk Solution for Automotive Designs

Any component from an unproven supplier in the automotive industry invites a level of risk – but fortunately, The Lee Company is anything but unproven. For over 30 years, we’ve supplied a vast range of miniature components that have been field-proven in millions of vehicles around the world. Each of our products was created as a unique solution to a customer’s problem. Thanks to our extensive experience and technical expertise, we can combine or customize the features of our components to solve your problem or invent something entirely new – converting a risk into a competitive advantage. Components from The Lee Company can be used in all of a vehicle’s hydraulic or fluidic systems, including:

  • Fuel Systems
  • Suspension
  • Emission Systems
  • Powertrain
  • Battery Technology
  • Power Units
  • Pumps
  • Alternative Fuel Systems

Our local Technical Sales Engineers will help solve problems collaboratively with your engineering department, offering their knowledge and industry-specific expertise. Let your team focus on complex system-level development while the components experts with decades of experience worry about the small details (literally).

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An Engineering Heritage Over 75 Years in the Making

Learn how engineering from The Lee Company can help solve your fluid control challenges.

Automotive | Products

Valves and Components Tailored to Automotive Manufacturers and OEMs

Our off-the-shelf and custom products can help improve the quality, safety, and reliability of automobiles, while reducing costs and enhancing system performance. Many of our customers rely heavily on our ability to create custom components. Each component is manufactured under an industry-leading quality management system (QMS) and subsequently put through 100% acceptance testing. We’ve built our reputation as a reliable supplier for many decades – so let us prove ourselves by helping you find the best components and solutions for your application.