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Additional Products for Automotive

Additional Products for A Wide Range of Automotive Applications

The Lee Company produces many components for a wide range of automotive applications. Like our Air Bleed Orifices, some of them are designed to solve a specific hydraulic problem, such as removing trapped air pockets from hydraulic systems without losing hydraulic fluid. Others, like our products in plastic fittings, have enormously broad use-cases. These consist of pre-assembled check valves, screens, relief valves, and precision flow orifices installed into many common plastic fittings. Producing our components in fitting assemblies enables manufacturers to lower their assembly costs and improve their product quality, as each component is 100% functionally tested.

Although these parts don’t fit neatly into one of our other product categories, they are vital components in several automotive applications. Contact your local Lee Sales Engineer to learn more about how to specify these components for your application.

Air Bleed Orifices

Improve hydraulic performance with Air Bleed Orifices from The Lee Company. These components are used to remove trapped air from hydraulic systems, increase system responsiveness, and improve reaction times. While traditional air bleed methods involve drilling a hole in the hydraulic manifold to allow the trapped air to escape back to the sump, this method also results in a continuous and significant hydraulic fluid loss. Instead, our components utilize a small precision flow orifice that allows trapped air to escape but is small enough to restrict most hydraulic flow, minimizing system losses. Our 5.5 mm diameter Air Bleed Orifices are offered in forward and reverse flow directions, contain an integral locking end for secure retention, and seal without threads, O-rings, or sealants. Both models contain integral safety screens for contamination protection.

Products in Plastic Fittings

The Lee Company offers a wide range of components – such as precision flow orifices, check valves, relief valves, and safety screens – pre-assembled into many common plastic fittings such as male to female Luer adapters, barb-to-barb unions, and tee fittings. Each fitting is made of medical-grade polypropylene, and the pre-installed Lee component is made of all stainless steel. All fitting assemblies are 100% functionally tested to ensure that each part meets its performance requirements. Ordering our components in plastic fittings helps to reduce both costs and assembly time while improving your product quality.

Support & Resources

Support & Resources from a Team that Speaks Your Language

Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these automotive resources to learn more.