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The Lee Company | Space

To Orbit and Beyond Since the Dawn of Spaceflight

Lee components have been involved in spaceflight since before NASA existed, contributing to space exploration, telecommunications, satellite observation, and recent commercial New Space efforts.

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Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat)

Aug 5 — 8, 2024 | Logan, UT

From the glory days of the space race to the burgeoning commercial spaceflight boom, Lee components  have helped propel humankind beyond the atmosphere. Our components were used to supply oxygen to Neil Armstrong when he took his first steps on the moon and in the rocket and lunar lander that helped get him there. They have served on the space shuttle, international space station, and virtually every other significant mission in US and European spaceflight history. Lee products are used in a wide range of systems such as:

  • Propulsion
  • Purge
  • Ullage / Pressurization
  • Reaction Control
  • Thrust Vector Control
  • Stage Separation
  • Landing
  • Thermal Control
  • Life Support


Work with a partner that offers both a pedigree extending to the dawn of spaceflight and the manufacturing capacity to supply high-quality products in the volumes necessary to equip constellations with thousands of satellites. Whether designing a launch vehicle, spacecraft, or satellite, industry mainstays and New Space start-ups choose The Lee Company to provide the lightweight, high performance, reliable components necessary to guarantee mission success.

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Over Sixty Years of Spaceflight Expertise

Learn about the problems we’ve solved, the solutions we’ve provided, and how our work has convinced leading spacecraft designers to choose The Lee Company.

Space | Products

Mission-Critical Components for an Unforgiving Environment

Choose miniature components designed and tested to withstand the extreme temperatures, pressures, and vibration associated with launch and operation in space. The Lee Company offers a steady stream of innovations, including visco flow restrictors used for precision flow control, laser-drilled filters for protection against contamination, zero leak valves rated for pneumatic performance in harsh environments, and the smallest, lowest-mass solenoid valve on the market. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf components and custom solutions designed to meet your needs.

Space | Applications

Explore New Concepts in Spaceflight with Solutions from The Lee Company

Precisely control flow ratios in satellite feed systems. Accurately regulate fuel flow to optimize rocket engine efficiency. Accurately control the extension and retraction of actuators for thrust vector control, stage separation, or landing systems. Safely store and generate pneumatic tank pressure. Avoid issues associated with reverse flow, excessive pressure transients, thermal expansion, or cavitation. Protect components from debris and contamination. Reduce or eliminate leakage. Lee products are designed to help you accomplish these goals in the smallest, lightest, most reliable package available.