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Solenoid Operated Control

Ideal for Your Precision Fluid Control Applications

Whether you’re flowing air, mild or aggressive liquids, or controlling flow or pressure, The Lee Company offers a solenoid valve solution with exceptional performance and reliability that solves your system’s challenges.

Why Our Solenoid Operated Control Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Critical Applications

At The Lee Company, our longstanding history in a broad range of markets has given us unique engineering experience that we continuously leverage to innovate. Each solenoid valve was developed with our core design principles in mind: lightweight, miniature profile, high performance, and exceptional reliability.

Superior Reliability and Performance
The reliability of our solenoid valves is backed by extensive development, design, and rigorous performance testing. You can trust that Lee valves will provide reliable performance over an extended cycle life and under challenging conditions.
More than 75 Years of Experience
The Lee Company’s innovative solenoid valves have a longstanding pedigree in diverse and critical applications, ranging from aerospace systems to life-saving medical equipment.
Engineered for Your Requirements
We understand that meeting the exact requirements of your particular application may require a personalized solution. While we offer a range of standard designs for solenoid valves and other components, we can also build custom products to fit your specific needs.

Pneumatic Control of Air or Gas

Control solenoid valves are commonly used in medical, scientific, or industrial devices to control flow or pressure in pneumatic systems. Typically, they select between multiple gases or between pneumatic pressure and vacuum sources. They also vent pressurized volumes to the atmosphere and direct a flow path to sensors or reaction chambers. We offer a variety of control solenoid valve designs, including magnetically-latched valves that do not require continuous power to hold their flow state. This provides you with significant power savings, especially crucial for battery-powered devices. Low power and compact valve designs also simplify sample piloting in microfluidic or air-over-gasket applications. Our quiet operation solenoid valves reduce actuation sound, thereby improving patient comfort in bedside devices. With our solenoid valves, your instrument also benefits from low pneumatic leakage, reducing compressor demand, and improving accuracy when blending and delivering gases.

View our lineup of Control Solenoid Valves.

Precise Fluid Dispensing

High-speed dispensing valves are commonly used in medical, scientific, or industrial devices to accurately and precisely dose liquids. They can dispense flawless droplets into a well plate, inject precise volumes directly into a flow stream, or provide consistent spray patterns through integrated nozzles and orifices. Our wide range of dispense solenoid valves offer high-speed, microsecond operation and enable nanoliter droplet dispensing. Their small, 6 mm size allows tight and flexible packaging in encased instruments or moving robotic arms.

View our lineup of Dispense Solenoid Valves

Isolated Fluid Path for Aggressive Fluid Delivery

Many medical, scientific, or industrial instruments require isolation solenoid valves to precisely control aggressive fluids. Typically, they select between multiple fluids, dispense reagents or flush the fluidic system clean before the next cycle. Our isolation solenoid valves are designed to be chemically compatible with many reactive and corrosive fluids, and their low leakage prevents fluids from reacting with other system components. With a wetted flow path consisting solely of chemically inert materials, you get robust performance across an extensive cycle life, reducing your system maintenance and cost. Their low carryover volume improves flow selection, and our zero dead volume designs allow biologicals to be fully flushed from the flow path.

View our lineup of Isolation Solenoid Valves.

Flow Control of High Pressure Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fluids

Flow control of high-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic fluids requires minimal leakage, fast response times, and low power consumption for applications such as those on aircraft, space systems, downhole and subsea oil and gas equipment, and motorsports. Solenoid operated control can be complex. You need rugged, field-proven designs for long life in harsh conditions. In high-pressure systems, it’s often critical to ensure the packaging can fit within tight spaces with minimal weight. We will work with your engineers to tailor valve performance to the needs of your individual applications.

View our lineup of High Pressure Solenoid Valves.

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Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these solenoid-operated solutions to learn more.

Solenoid Operated Control Solutions

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