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The Lee Company | Aerospace & Defense

Boost Performance and Control Costs with Precision-Engineered Aerospace Components from The Lee Company

Since the dawn of the Jet Age, The Lee Company has produced components that enhance performance, quality, safety, and reliability in aerospace and defense applications. Learn why Lee components are found in thousands of locations on every aircraft in the sky.

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May 13 — 15, 2024 | Long Beach, CA

Aerospace & Defense | Our Experience

Taking to the Skies Since 1948

Many companies provide aerospace and defense components, but only The Lee Company combines expertise with unparalleled customer support. As an aerospace system designer, you’re solving challenging, high-stakes problems. Our Technical Sales Engineers will work with you directly, supplying industry-specific knowledge and experience. We’ll even provide innovative custom solutions to meet your requirements. Thanks to our long track record of providing the optimal balance of performance, quality, price, and delivery, we enjoy decades-long relationships with every tier one designer of hydraulic, fuel, and lubrication systems for aerospace and defense. Our applications include:

  • Flight Controls
  • Utility Actuation
  • Landing Gear
  • Brakes
  • Pumps
  • Power Packs
  • Reservoirs
  • Power Transfer Units
  • Gearboxes
  • Fuel Control
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Thermal Management
  • Bleed Air
  • Filter Modules
  • Missile Seekers
  • Munition Deployment

Let your team focus on complex system-level development while the components experts save you time and engineering resources by supplying the reliable, field-proven products and support you need.

Insights & Resources

An Aerospace Heritage Over 75 Years in the Making

Learn about the problems we’ve solved, the solutions we’ve provided, and how our work has convinced top-tier fluid system designers to choose The Lee Company for decades.

Aerospace & Defense | Products

An Encompassing Product Family of Miniature Components

Save yourself time during development, reduce the risk of a failure during qualification, avoid schedule delays, and lower costs by selecting products that have been field-proven in thousands of locations on every type of aircraft. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf components and custom solutions designed to meet your needs. Lee products are manufactured under a benchmark QMS (quality management system) and put through extensive qualification and acceptance testing to ensure you achieve the highest level of performance without risk of failure.

Aerospace & Defense | Applications

Mission Critical Applications in Aerospace Systems

Precisely regulate fuel flow to optimize engine efficiency. Properly lubricate gears and bearings to increase system life and reduce maintenance. Accurately control the extension and retraction of actuators. Safely generate and store hydraulic pressure. Avoid issues associated with reverse flow, excessive pressure transients, thermal expansion, or cavitation. Protect components from debris and contamination. Reduce or eliminate leakage. Lee products are engineered to help you accomplish these goals in the smallest, lightest, and most reliable package available.