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Pressure Relief Valves for Automotive

Safety-Critical Pressure Control with Lee Pressure Relief Valves

Control or limit pressure in hydraulic systems using Lee pressure relief valves. Components from The Lee Company can help increase your products’ safety, quality, and reliability with field-proven solutions. They’re easy to install in both metal or plastic manifolds, and they are engineered to respond rapidly and reliably – protecting systems from overpressurization or pressure spikes.

Our pressure relief valves are more than just reliable. Their design guarantees repeatable performance and stable flow, and they’re smaller than anything else on the market. Our smallest valve’s outer diameter measures just 2.5 mm, allowing it to be installed into many common plastic fittings. In addition, our all-stainless steel pressure relief valves can be found with ceramic balls for performance in aggressive environments and in 316L for additional compatibility with a wide variety of liquids and gases. Finally, protection becomes cost-effective with our miniaturized components, allowing you to increase reliability without increasing your costs.

Insert Style Pressure Relief Valves

Lee insert-style pressure relief valves are designed to install into metal housings and feature an integral locking end that provides secure retention and prevents bypass leakage. This makes installation simple – no threads, sealants, or O-rings are needed. In addition, these products are 100% tested to ensure long life and guaranteed performance, eliminating the need for customer rework.

Our insert-style pressure relief valves feature both guided ball and poppet-style configurations. Guided ball designs ensure a fast response time, low hysteresis, and highly repeatable cracking pressures. Look for our valves in 5.5 mm and 8.0 mm diameters with both forward and reverse configurations. Both versions are available in an all-stainless-steel construction, some with a ceramic ball option for use with aggressive fluids and gases. They can also be purchased with an integral safety screen to mitigate contamination. Hard seat and elastomeric seat styles are available.

The newest addition to our line of insert-style valves, Lee poppet-style pressure relief valves, provide faster opening rates, more stable flows, higher cracking pressure capabilities, and lower hysteresis than typical ball-style relief valves. Additionally, this optimized design allows for higher flows and smaller package sizes than other traditional valves or in-house designs. Use these valves in systems with a wide range of relief pressures, up to 220 bar. Available in forward and reverse flow configurations, these new valves give system designers additional flexibility to optimize their system layout while keeping safety in mind.

Press-In Style Pressure Relief Valves

Our press-in style pressure relief valves are designed for installation into plastic housings and fittings and feature a unique barbed design that ensures retention and prevents bypass leakage. These valves contain the same features and offer the same benefits as the insert style guided ball designs above. A high-quality metal-to-metal seal provides low leakage and highly repeatable cracking pressure. Their all-stainless-steel design offers compatibility with a wide range of fluids and gases. 316L models are available for use in aggressive environments. Some models are available with a ceramic ball as standard.

Our press-in style relief valves are available in various sizes from 2.5 mm to 8 mm in diameter and come in a wide range of standard cracking pressures. Our 2.5 mm press-in relief valve is the smallest cartridge valve in our catalog, making it perfect for compact applications.

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