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Shuttle Valves for Automotive

Miniature Shuttle Valves for Precision Hydraulic Controls

Lee shuttle valves feature a compact, non-detented, selective design that offers a reliable solution to hydraulic isolation in manifolds. Not only do we offer the most miniature shuttle valves in their flow class, but ours are also the most reliable and the easiest to install. In addition, our shuttle valves feature The Lee Company’s field-proven controlled expansion principle, which provides retention and a leak-tight seal without the need for threads, O-rings, or in-house designs.

To install, insert the shuttle valve into a drilled hole and drive the expansion pin into the valve body to seal and lock the valve in place. The all-metal construction of Lee shuttle valves provides high reliability and long life with leak-tight performance – eliminating system drift. These components excel in applications such as load sensing or hydraulically-released, spring-applied brakes.

Shuttle Valves

Standard Lee shuttle valves are available in three models: a 5.5 mm, 2.1 GPM* model; an 8.0 mm, 4.8 GPM* version; and our new 400 Bar valve. The new 400 Bar Shuttle Valve is just 6 mm in diameter and 9.7 mm long.

Lee shuttle valves are ideal for providing a signal for auxiliary functions. Every Lee shuttle valve is the smallest in its flow class – often one-third the size of existing shuttle valves with comparable flow rates. Each component offers a low shuttling pressure, providing a fast system response. All shuttle valves are 100% factory tested for flow and leakage to ensure consistent, long-term performance.

* at 50 psid.

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