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Lee Burst-Sert™ Rupture Disc

The Lee Burst-Sert Rupture Disc is a single use isolation device that provides reliable, high pressure relief in a leak-tight, corrosion resistant package. The Burst-Sert is designed to seal a passageway or volume until the rated burst pressure is exceeded. At that point, the rupture disc in the plug ruptures, creating a flow passage as large as Ø.25″ (12 Lohms*) to relieve the excess pressure or allow flow to/from the isolated system. Manufactured from Incoloy® 825 and Inconel ® 625, the Burst-Sert incorporates our field-proven controlled expansion principle, which ensures retention and prevents any bypass leakage without the use of threads or elastomeric seals.

Key Product Facts
  • Burst Pressures from 3000-15,000 psid
  • Burst Tolerance +/- 10%
  • Operating temperatures up to 450F (232 C)
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