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Nozzles for Diagnostics

Precision Droplets with Lee Nozzles

Lee nozzles are optimized for dispensing small volumes of fluid ranging from nanoliters to milliliters, perfect for the most high-tech diagnostics applications. These nozzles are specifically designed to integrate into any system and to be easy to clean and service. Featuring precision orifices, threaded connections, and durable construction, these nozzles produce industry-leading results. In addition, our miniature atomizing nozzles enable misting and coating in the tightest of spaces. Coupled with Lee dispensing valves, our nozzles offer unparalleled precision for critical fluid control.

Dispensing Nozzles

Dispensing nozzles are designed for low volume dispensing applications ranging from nanoliter droplets to precise dosing of milliliters at a time. These dispensing nozzles are available with orifice sizes as small as 0.003 of an inch (0.07 mm) and are optimized for the clean ejection of perfectly formed droplets. Our nozzles achieve their best performance when coupled with our dispensing valves, such as Lee VHS Series valves, which are fast enough to provide near-digital control of fluids. Our dispense nozzles include threaded MINSTAC® connectors for easy integration and service. In addition, these nozzles can be supplied in a hypodermic tube configuration for installation into high-density dispensing manifolds.

Atomizing Nozzles

Atomizing nozzles are available in both air-assisted and airless designs. These nozzles feature extremely low flow rates and a small form factor, making them ideal for dispensing in tight spaces. Our air-assisted nozzles provide atomization with as little as 5 psi of fluid and air. These air-assisted atomizing nozzles are available with inert materials, which allow them to dispense reactive fluids. Our airless nozzles use only fluid pressure to create fine atomization and easily integrate into existing fluidic systems. In addition, these airless nozzles can be easily serviced thanks to their threaded MINSTAC® connections.

Support and Resources

Support & Resources from a Team that Speaks Your Language

Partner with The Lee Company and get much more than just a supplier of top-quality fluid control products. Our reliable technical support team is available every step of the way to help you find solutions, maximize productivity, and drive efficiency across your operations. Check out these resources specific to the diagnostics industry to learn more.