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Betaplugs for Industrial & Off-Highway Applications

Betaplugs for Hydraulic Manifolds in Industrial and Off-Highway Applications

If you have a cross-hole in your hydraulic manifold, you should seal it with a Lee Betaplug®. That’s the end of the story because only Lee Betaplugs are specifically engineered to seal cross holes in metal or plastic housings, so they can be used with a wide variety of materials. Other solutions, such as ball bearings or bolts coated in adhesive, were never designed for sealing purposes, and they don’t offer 100% reliability. They fail under pressure – and sometimes they fail without any pressure at all.

The Lee Betaplug uses the market-leading aerospace design heritage of The Lee Company and applies it to the industrial market. Lee Betaplugs work without threads or sealants. Instead, they are pre-assembled, one-piece tapered expansion plugs designed to seal cross holes using the principle of controlled expansion. Lands and grooves on the outer diameter of the plug body bite into the wall of the housing during installation, creating leak-tight seals and ensuring retention. This single-piece design helps keep costs down, making the component cost-effective for mass production.

Lastly, the tapered design of the Lee Betaplug eliminates the need for tight manufacturing tolerances, which is ideal for high-volume applications. The matching tapers of the Betaplug and its installation hole create a perfect fit, eliminating the need for additional expansion. Since the Betaplug’s expansion is precisely controlled by the size of the tapered pin, the amount of expansion and any resulting boss stress is completely predictable. This means that installation is repeatable – the same size plug will create the same stress, which is ideal for brittle materials or thin wall conditions. In short, no matter the system you’re working on, Lee Betaplugs will undoubtedly help make it more reliable.

6000 Series Betaplug®

The 6000 Series Betaplug is built for high-pressure industrial systems. Design the 6000 Series Betaplug into systems up to 7000 psi, and choose from parts that range from 4 mm to 8 mm in diameter.

Short Betaplug®

The Short Betaplug was developed to optimize process and product settings and allows for the shortest installed height. Install the Short Betaplug in systems up to 500 psi, and choose plugs that range from 5 mm to 20 mm in diameter.

DL Series Plug

The DL Series Plug* is a single-piece, stainless-steel expansion plug engineered to create a leak-tight seal in aluminum housings without the use of threads, sealants, or O-rings. This plug’s Drive Locking® technology is purposely designed to facilitate reliable automated installation and verification processes, allowing customers to reduce scrap and labor costs while improving the reliability of their production processes.

*Patent Pending

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