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LFN Manifolds

LFN Manifolds - Line Drawing

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1 PEEK LSMX0509700B 0.63" (16.0 mm)
2 PEEK LSMX0509520B 0.80" (20.3 mm)
3 PEEK LSMX0509530B 1.10" (27.9 mm)
4 PEEK LSMX0509540B 1.40" (35.6 mm)
5 PEEK LSMX0509550B 1.70" (43.2 mm)
2 PMMA LSMX0509560B 0.80" (20.3 mm)
3 PMMA LSMX0509570B 1.10" (27.9 mm)
4 PMMA LSMX0509580B 1.40" (35.6 mm)
5 PMMA LSMX0509590B 1.70" (43.2 mm)

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Replacement gaskets can be purchased using Part Number LSWX0508170A for EPDM, and LSWX0508200A for FKM. Valves should be mounted using #1-64 X 0.1875" mounting screws (Part Number LSWX0503110A).

#productName# - Line Drawing

An adaptor manifold (Part Number LSMX0509700B) is available for design prototyping. This allows the fluidic system to be designed, built up and tested, all prior to manifold construction. The same LFNX valve can later be used on the manifold system.

#productName# - Line Drawing

A special Lee 4 place manifold (Part Number LSMX0512650B) allows 4 valves to be mounted with a single common outlet port and 4 individually controlled inlet ports. This allows mixing of 4 streams into one outlet