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LFR Series Solenoid Valves

The LFR Series Micro Inert Valves (MIV) are 3-way inert solenoid valves designed for applications demanding high flow and small size. The different mounting combinations and porting options allow the designer the highest degree of freedom available.

  • As Low as 700 Lohms
  • Pressure Range: 28 in.
    Hg Vac - 30 psig
  • 30 ms Response Time
  • 10 Million Cycles Minimum
  • Power Consumption: 1.6 Watts
  • 12 and 24 Volt Models
  • Available with EPDM, FKM,
    or FFKM Diaphragm
  • PEEK Porthead on all Models
  • Manifold Mount, Barbed, and
    1/4-28 Flat Bottom Boss Available