8th Edition Electro-Fluidic Systems Handbook

Lo-Lohm High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valve
The Lee Company is pleased to announce that the 8th Edition of the Electro-Fluidic Systems Handbook is now available. This new handbook contains a number of new products that can help solve your complex fluid control problems and enhance the performance of your current system. Detailed information can be found on Lee's high quality 2 and 3-way miniature solenoid valves, latching solenoid valves, high speed micro-dispense valves, nozzles, fixed and variable volume pumps, custom manifold systems and other inert fluid handling components. These products are used for automated liquid handling in medical and scientific instrumentation, analytical/clinical chemistry and in-vitro diagnostic applications. The 328-page handbook includes product specifications, configuration drawings, design considerations and helpful engineering reference material. Click here to receive a complimentary copy in the mail, or click here to download a PDF file (12MB).

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