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Key Considerations for Selecting a Medical Pump

Newcomers to medical device design may think that pressure and flow rate are sufficient parameters to consider when it comes to selecting a pump. While this may be the case in some industrial applications, medical device requirements are a bit more demanding. A thorough review of the selection criteria for a medical pump is required to ensure the correct pump is chosen for every application.

In this whitepaper we’ll cover:

  • Differences between continuous positive displacement pumps (such as peristaltic pumps) and reciprocating pumps (such as syringe pumps and diaphragm pumps)
  • The importance of material compatibility of fluids with your system
  • The dispense characteristics you’ll need to match your design specifications
  • Whether you’ll need/use a valve
  • Pump sizes, power consumption, maintenance, and more

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Key Considerations For Selecting A Medical Pump