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The Lee Company's Building 2 Construction Project Wins 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Award

The Lee Company is honored to have received a 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Award plaque from Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc. for our recent Building 2 retrofit project. Hall of Fame Awards are presented annually to recognize the innovation and excellence of Varco Pruden (VP) builders in using VP building systems to create exceptional architectural appearance, efficient design, and effective end use. The Lee Company partnered with VP Builder Munger Construction and architect Tom Gribbon to transform Building 2, a 26,000-square-foot former manufacturing facility, into a state-of-the-art meeting and training center. Construction work for the retrofit was completed in August 2020, and since then we have used the new space to host a variety of events and training sessions. This project is the most recent of several successful construction initiatives that we have worked with Munger Construction to complete.

Munger Construction presented The Lee Company with the award plaque on October 21st, during our company’s plant tour for ManufactureCT. On the tour, ManufactureCT members were given an inside look at our engineering and manufacturing operations. We enjoyed hosting ManufactureCT for the plant tour and look forward to having them back soon.